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What is Club volleyball?

Club volleyball is a highly organized, nationwide, competitive volleyball network designed for athletes to refine their volleyball skills, compete at the local, regional and national level, expose their abilities to collegiate recruiters, if interested in playing at that level, and train to achieve personal development goals. USA Volleyball (USAV, is the national governing body and is responsible for local, regional, national and international rules and competition. 915 United is a member of USAV and participates in the Sun Country Region.

The following are some of the benefits of participating in 915 United Club Volleyball:

  • Coaching: 915 United coaches are all highly skilled volleyball coaches. Many of whom have more than 7 years coaching experience!
  • Exposure to college recruiters: College coaches regularly attend USAV qualifying tournaments, and, the majority of colleges now recruit directly from club programs.  If you want to play at the higher levels of this sport, such as high school or college, play club volleyball at 915 United VBC!  Since 2011 915 United has had over 40 athletes continue on to play in college.
  • Tournament play: Tournaments are where the hard practice pays off and many favorable moments are made.  Practice and training are the moments when you receive the most instruction and experience, but tournament play is an opportunity to test training and skill advancement.  Club tournaments are usually far more competitive and more physically demanding than the typical recreational match.

Club volleyball affords participants the opportunity to greatly enhance the quality of their skills and the execution of concepts as compared to players who only participate in high school or middle school.   Its quite likely a club player's teammates are more talented than those players she has on her high school or middle school team, and she learns and competes at a more vigorously challenging level, one closer to that found at the collegiate level.

Who can tryout for 915 United Volleyball?

915 United represents girls from ages 10 through 18s!  Tryouts for our teams are open to everyone.  Athletes are placed on teams based on athleticism, potential, attitude, skill and desire. 915 United offers a 2 tier level for participants:

National = Nationally competitive - more extensive travel.

Regional = Local competitions in the El Paso area - some travel could include West Texas and New Mexico.

How often do 915 United teams practice?

915 United 12s through 18s teams will have 2 practices per week.  Our 10s, 11s will have 1-2 practices per week.

How long is the season?

The season is from January till May, but national level teams should anticipate playing into June or July.

Are the players able to participate in other activities?

While playing for 915 United requires hard work and dedication, our coaching staff provides excellent support to participants taking on multiple commitments. Establishing proper communication with your coach regarding other commitments will lead to a better experience for everyone involved.

 What is the difference in 915 United and other El Paso volleyball clubs?                  

There are many differences, but the most important differences include:

  • 915 United is an coach focused organization with primary importance placed on each athlete's growth as a person and as a player. The main focus of our program is to train as athletes to be capable to participate in a higher level of volleyball.  Obviously, not every athlete in our program will play volleyball in college, but our training methods are designed to maximize each individual athletes potential and for them to achieve at the highest level they are capable of achieving.
  • Our athletes are always well trained and properly skilled volleyball players.  From program to program around the city, 915 United players achieve higher high school team placements than players from other clubs.
  • Most importantly, 915 United focuses on BALANCE  we DO NOT over train our athletes. We are of the philosophy that players should not train 5 or 6 days per week. If practices are planned and run properly, athletes should not have to train excessively. Young growing athletes need to have proper time to train and to recover. It is irresponsible to over train athletes and potentially hamper their long-term health, mental well-being, and volleyball career.

There are many club choices in the area and most clubs are good organizations which care about their players; however, we suggest to be informed and to ask questions of all clubs including ours to insure that you have the best fit for your family and for your daughter.

What does Club volleyball cost?

A high level club volleyball experience should be considered a good value you get a great return in training, skill, and experience for the money you spend. However, it is still a significant amount of money compared to many youth sport experiences.  Most teams start around $1300 for a season and increase from there based upon travel schedule and tournament selection. Youth programs 11& under are usually less expensive and will vary based on time of year.

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